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Poseur tables are an ideal solution for your exhibition stand as they offer the perfect meeting point for clients and guests whilst also being a space-saving option. Enhance the professional look and feel of your stand by hiring poseur tables from Eventex that are available in a number of different designs and finishes, one of which is sure to meet your exhibition stand requirements.  Combined with stools, exhibition poseur tables offer both a space-saving and a professional finish, which you are no doubt looking for. The range of poseur tables here online is second to none, offering you the complete range online for your professional trade show or exhibition. Naturally, it is also important to ensure that you hire top quality poseur tables for exhibitions, and this is only achieved by working with a dedicated exhibition furniture hire company which is fully confident in the quality of its poseur tables and other exhibition furniture.

Poseur tables for all exhibition types

We have a number of leading ranges here at Eventex, including our square profile Piazza poseur tables. These are heavy base elbow height tables with a brushed metal finish on the base and post and which are available with a number of table tops. Because the base and post is squared, it makes sense for the table tops to follow suit and so you can choose from square table tops in either black, white or beech options, enabling you to match up your furniture to other furniture products and with your brand identity. As well as the singular Piazza poseur tables, here at Eventex we also offer our dual Piazza high tables which are essentially double the size of the single, with a rectangular table-top again available in a choice of colours. This is particularly useful for larger exhibition stands and also organiser VIP lounge, where you can hire these poseur tables together with stools to create excellent networking areas and maybe even where your guests and clients can enjoy a small bite to eat at your buffet selection.

In a similar vein are our Rio high tables, which are again rectangular and at which your guests are seated on stools. As its name would suggest, the Rio high table matches up with our Rio stools and with the extent of colours available in the stools, you really can go to town with your imagination for your exhibition stand or organiser lounge. Why not take a few moments to check out both our Rio high tables and our Rio stools and work out what colours will work best for you at your upcoming trade show or exhibition.

With their round circular tops that are available in a variety of different colours and materials, Oro poseur tables really do look the part on your exhibition stand. When it comes to your exhibition furniture hire requirements, these poseur tables are an essential part of your list! Oro poseur tables are characterised by their solid polished chrome base, the polished chrome post and their circular table tops which are available here online in a variety of different colours including black, white, beech and aluminium. It might be, therefore, that you are creating a black and white co-ordinated exhibition stand and so you are hiring black lounge furniture and maybe white bar stools, in which case the obvious choice would be to hire Oro poseur tables with their white table-top. Likewise, as an exhibition organiser, you might be wanting to kit out the cafés and catering areas within your exhibition venue, in which case you could hire metal Oro poseur tables and café stools, for instance, to provide the matching and complementing set.

Hire matching poseur tables & stools

Our Ammon glass poseur tables are the mainstay of most modern exhibition stands, offering you a professional look and finish, further enhancing the professional corporate image you want to portray. These are available with different types of glass tops, all of which have highly polished chrome bases and posts. The various tops include clear glass poseur tables and black glass exhibition poseur tables, offering you a wonderful range of poseur tables from which to choose and available in the quantity you need, large or small.

As professional exhibitions continue to be marketplaces and showcases which seem to be ever-increasingly embracing the latest trends and fashions, so should the available options when it comes to exhibition furniture follow suit. That’s why our Scaffold high tables are an excellent choice for modern exhibition such as clothes shows, fashion shows and other exhibitions where you need to stand out from the crowd. These 5ft scaffold high tables are made from scaffolding poles and reclaimed timber and enable you to create the industrial warehouse style theme, which looks great when combined with backdrops such as brick wallpaper, for instance. And yes, as you would expect from the UK’s leading exhibition furniture hire suppliers, we do have accompanying stools for these tables, so why not also check out our gun metal Tolix stools which are available in large quantities.

Get creative & imaginative with your choice of exhibition furniture

You can hire the complete range of poseur tables from the experts here online at Eventex Furniture. Browse our extensive range today and make your selection at your leisure, creating an unforgettable exhibition for you, your company, your products and your brand. With free delivery and collection to and from your exhibition stand, we really do provide a seamless service. 

You can hire exhibition poseur tables in conjunction with exhibition stools, the complete range of which is available to hire for exhibitions right here at Eventex Furniture. Offering glass poseur tables and maybe black stools, for example, on your exhibition stand or in your organiser VIP lounge provides a stunning look and finish and an enticing area where your visitors can socialise and network. Poseur tables and stools are also ideal space-saving seating options, and so this is also something worth bearing in mind for smaller exhibition stands.

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