For the best and most complete range of exhibition stool here in the country, you need look no further than the range online here at Eventex. Choose from different styles and colours, from stools with padded seats and backs through to non-padded metal stools, many of which are available in a variety of colour options to suit your requirements. Why not hire these stools together with poseur tables to achieve a space-saving furniture solution for your exhibition stand or feature area.

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Our stunning range of exhibition stools are perfect for exhibition stands and designated organiser areas. We offer a wide variety of designs and colours, providing you with the ultimate in choice and versatility.  Exhibition stools are one of the key pieces of exhibition furniture hire that you see on almost any exhibition that you attend. The versatility of these bar stools for exhibitions means that they are hugely popular, and also available in a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, with different colour options as well to provide our clients with the very best in choice, and available at a variety of price points to suit all budgets.  

Bar stools are extremely useful when combined with poseur tables (elbow height tables), as both are space-saving options which – when you are paying for your exhibition stand by area – is a useful addition. You can hire bar stools and poseur tables, or standard exhibition chairs and tables – the choice is yours. Suffice to say that bar stools are always popular pieces of exhibition furniture hire. Bar stools are also useful for positioning – as you would expect – next to a bar, so if you are an exhibition organiser, and you have a relaxation area, VIP hospitality lounge area or bar area within your exhibition hall, then you can hire exhibition bar stools in the quantities you need to ensure that your designated areas look sleek, stylish and professional.

Stools are a great space-saving solution

Our range is extensive and includes everything from our most popular, modern Rio stools and Z bar stool hire through to Rebus stools in a range of different colours, Oro bar stools to match other Oro furniture such as Oro poseur tables for example and likewise our Rio stools match up with our Rio elbow height tables as you would expect. Turin stools, Tolix stools and Roma stools are just a small selection of other popular styles, amongst many others, all offering a slightly different design twist and all providing you with a superb exhibition stool hire option for your upcoming show.

Exhibitions and trade shows are usually about companies being at the forefront of their industries, whatever that might be, and so it’s important that your brand image and ethos is reflected in the exhibition furniture you choose for your exhibition stand. That’s why our Rio stools are the most popular of all our exhibition stools – they have a modern and contemporary design, a cushioned seat and back along with a chrome frame, and they are available in a variety of colour options as well as material options. You can choose from fabric options including olive green, black, grey, blue, purple and biscuit as well as the faux leather colour options of grey leather and white leather. This gives exhibitors and exhibition organisers some great options if they are looking to hire furniture to complement their brand colours, for instance. You can either match up the colours if available or, if not, why not contrast the colour of your furniture with your brand colours. And if you’re planning a white theme, for instance, throughout your exhibition stand or VIP area, then the simple addition of a splash of colour, for example, accentuates and draws the eye, providing a design option that you might not have considered.

Professional exhibition furniture rental

Hiring space at an exhibition can be an expensive business, and so you’ll want to make sure you maximise your attendance. Depending upon the type of show and the type of industry you are operating in, you might want to consider checking out our Tolix stools. Think of a clothes show, a fashion show or something similar where you need to make a statement with your exhibition stand, for example. If it’s an industrial warehouse style theme you’re after, or simply because you want to rent exhibition furniture which is different to the norm, our Tolix stools may well fit the bill. They are designed with that base metal look, perfect for combining with high tables such as our 5ft Scaffold high tables, for instance, and are available in black, silver and – one of our favourites – gun metal. These modern style stools really do provide something unusual and exciting and are always well received on exhibition stands and in organiser areas.

Due to their simplicity of design, our Roma exhibition stools are also a very popular choice amongst exhibition organisers and exhibitors alike. This is due in the main to the fact that it has everything you want from a stool – comfort, professional style, adjustable height and a footrest. The reality is that stools don’t have to seat people for hours on end like an ISO chair or conference chair has to, it just needs to provide a functional seating option for short periods of time whilst one of your sales team representatives has a chat with a potential client, or they carry out a demo on a laptop, or simply enjoy a coffee and a chat with a long-established client. Available in both black and white, you can hire Roma stools in the quantities you need online today with the experts here at Eventex Furniture for your upcoming trade show or exhibition.

Another popular choice of exhibition stool from our range is the Z stool. As their name would suggest, Z stools are exactly that shape, with a circular cushioned top and chrome base with foot-rail. Z stools are an excellent option for your exhibition stand as they are both professional and space-saving solutions. Our range of professional exhibition Z stools are available in different colours such as black Z stools, white Z stools, blue Z stools and red Z stools, offering you the ultimate in choice and styling, and also the ability for the colour of your Z stools to complement your brand identity for your exhibition stand or in your organiser VIP lounge, for example. Z stools are the ideal piece of exhibition furniture rental, especially when combined with any of the poseur style ranges also available here online at Eventex Furniture. The fact that you are able to sit with visitors and guests on these Z stools at a poseur table allows you to have informal yet still professional discussions over a coffee or browsing a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Exhibition stools and poseur tables together are also a great space-saving option for smaller exhibition stands, for example.

Coloured stools offer something different

Available in three different colours, our stylish Rebus stools have cushioned seats, and highly polished chrome frames with footrests. These Rebus stools are an ideal solution for your exhibition stand as they look highly professional and modern, and also have an adjustable height facility. Being as space can sometimes be tight on exhibition stands, you need to be thinking about space-saving furniture options, and Rebus stools really do fit the bill when it comes to this. Providing a comfortable stool hire option, these look great, and you can choose the best colour match from our range to complement your company branding or logo. Stools such as Rebus stools provide an excellent way of conducting informal discussions over a coffee or a brochure, when combined with poseur tables, which are also available to hire for exhibitions.

And what about considering Turin stools which are modern style padded stools which make an ideal stool for your exhibition stand. They have chrome bases and posts with chrome footrests and adjustable height facility, offering a super seating solution for your guests and clients onto your stand. Available in both white and black, our Turin stools make the perfect piece of exhibition furniture hire and are available in the quantities required for both small and large exhibition stands. Why not consider hiring Turin exhibition stools together with any of our exhibition poseur tables, which are also available here online. Stools and poseur tables make an excellent way of kitting out an exhibition stand in an affordable way yet still keeping the professional styling. Turin stools with Ammon glass poseur tables, for example, look fabulous.

Stylish exhibition stools for professional trade shows & exhibitions

With their highly polished chrome frame and cushioned base, Oro bar stools are a modern and contemporary stool for your exhibition stand. They have faux cream leather upholstery, which means you can match these exhibition stools with other pieces of furniture hire in our range for your exhibition stand. Stools and elbow height poseur tables allow you to meet and greet your visitors standing up or enjoy a welcome sit down in the middle of a busy exhibition, which is always welcomed!

Finally, as well as deciding on the best type of exhibition stool for your stand or organiser area, don’t forget the more functional stools such as booking stools, for example, which are often found on exhibition stands, usually together with some reception desk units that are also available from Eventex Furniture hire. These are just another examples of stools for hire for exhibitions that you can source for your UK exhibition right here at Eventex.

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