Furniture for organiser feature areas

Feature areas are vital to get right for exhibition organisers, so check out this article!

Think of exhibitions and you immediately think of exhibition stands, and the furniture that exhibitors need in and around a major exhibition venue.

However, large trade shows and exhibitions are much more than simply exhibitors displaying their goods and services. The best exhibitions have organisers that are proactive, who carefully consider how they are going to make use and capitalise on the footfall at their event, and how they can ensure that their show is appealing to their delegates, to encourage a return visit the next time.

This is why organisers lay on feature areas around the venue. This might be demo areas, lecture and seminar theatres, VIP lounges, catering areas and even sales offices – all these are integral parts of a major show.

These areas hold mini ‘events’ during the duration of the exhibition, to a timetable, often with the concept of networking or the sharing of the latest ideas, trends and best practices – all valuable for your visitors.

Eventex works closely with exhibition organisers to ensure that their feature areas are well furnished, to a high and professional standard – after all, the quality of these areas reflects on the organisers themselves, more than any other.

So, if you are an exhibition organiser looking to work with a forward-thinking exhibition furniture rental company, you are in the right place! Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today to discuss how we can partner together to create wonderful exhibitions together!


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