Bench seating is ideally suited to exhibition feature areas

Feature area bench seating is a great solution for large exhibition organisers - check it out here!
bench seating

Large exhibitions are vibrant and energetic, with lots for visitors to engage with in addition to exhibitor stands. Feature areas are key parts of any exhibition venue, and the type of feature areas that an organiser chooses is very much dependent upon the type of show.

A food-orientated show, for instance, might have a demo area. A franchise show might have a keynote speaker and lecture theatre. A vaping show might have a networking bar and lounge area. An emergency services show, for example, might have a demo area to show off the latest recovery techniques – the list goes on.

It’s important, therefore, for exhibition organisers to get these areas right, and also on budget. And that is where Eventex comes into its own.

We partner with major exhibition organisers to provide them with a preferential offering when it comes to furniture for organiser feature areas at the venue. This might be lounge furniture, chairs or, pictured, bench seating for the catwalk area at the National Wedding Show.

Our wooden seminar benches are made of wood and can seat up to 4 people on cushioned seat pads of your colour choice from our available range. Bench seating such as this really does provide temporary seating for exhibition venues in an affordable yet professional way.

If you are an exhibition organiser wanting to partner with a forward-thinking, creative and professional exhibition furniture rental company UK, then why not give us a call today. We will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements in more detail and provide you with a customised proposal for your next show, or series of shows.

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon.


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