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You might think that exhibitions are all about companies who are exhibiting their goods and services to visitors, and you’d of course be right.  At the same time, however, the exhibition organiser needs to ensure that there are points of interest around the exhibition venue, to engage with visitors, adding value to their visitor experience.  Depending upon the type of exhibition and the industry sector, feature areas can take different forms.  As the organiser, you might need to provide a seminar area for talks on the latest trends in the market, maybe a demo area of the latest techniques, or maybe a professional office area, where important deals can be struck, and where a degree of privacy is required.  At the same time, organisers might want to lay on a VIP lounge for key visitors and certainly a sales lounge, where they can sit with their existing exhibitors to sign them up for the same time the following year!  All of these are classes as organiser feature areas, and in this section you’ll find a selection of our furniture recommendations for these areas, which we hope will assist you in your selection when the time comes.

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